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Feature-length indie dramedy written and directed by SXSW Film Festival winner Ron Najor. In a starring role, Ross plays a college dean who thwarts the plans of a middle-aged professor to get tenure.

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to kill a stepfather

Lifetime Channel cheese at its absolute best. See Ross in director Peter Sullivan's murder mystery opus. It's court room drama. It's family drama. It's drama drama. Only on TLC.

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Ross plays an ornery squatter on Teddy Roosevelt's South Dakota property. Tune in this fall to INSP for the premiere episode of this new western series that follows the adventures of the young man who was destined to become president.

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general hospital

Uh oh. Ross plays an innocent old man - or a nefarious henchman of the evil Victor Cassadine. Tune into the 60th season of this popular ABC daytime drama and find out for yourself.

13 reasons why

Liberty High math teacher Mr. Wood (Ross Turner) returns in the fourth season of this hit Netflix series starring Dylan Minnette.

the bumbry encounter

Official selection at over 30 film festivals in Europe and the U.S. including Raindance, Mill Valley, Cinequest, Palm Springs, and Sedona. Ross has won three awards for his lead role as the mysterious Dr. Bancroft in this dramatic sci-fi short film.

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